Brian Ferdinand, Business Expert, Explains WhyBusiness Travelers Should Stay in Corporate Housing

Are you planning a weekslong trip later this year? You may want to stay in a corporate housing unit.Why? Because corporate housing units offer a multitude of benefits when compared with traditional hotels, explained travel and business aficionado Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article. Let’s take a look at some of these units’ top benefits.

Corporate Housing Savings and Comfort

In the recent article, Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, emphasizes that extended-stay hotels and regular hotels are both standard lodging options for traveling executives and employees. However, these options can be quite expensive and uncomfortable if you’ll be away from home for an extended amount of time.

Corporate housing units, on the other hand, can help you to save money because they are generally less costly than hotels are. At the same time, corporate suites are more like homes than hotels, so they deliver comfortable living experiences. For instance, in a corporate housing unit, you can find linens, kitchenware, furnishings, and amenities that are superior to those of hotels.

Corporate Housing Fees

Another major benefit of corporate housing is that you don’t have to worry about paying hidden fees, especially if you have to extend your reservation at the last minute.

When you stay at an extended-stay hotel, you’ll likely be charged a fee to extend a reservation. However, a corporate housing arrangement tends to be a lot more forgiving, so you won’t have to worry about paying such a fee. This means you can save money while also having more time to complete the job at hand.

Also, with corporate housing, billing is highly streamlined. For instance, you can expect your utilities to be bundled with your rental fees. This makes paying bills on the road easier.

All in all, the corporate housing unit model makes it easier for you to financially plan ahead for a work trip while simultaneously benefiting your bottom line as you travel.

Corporate Housing Length of Stay

As a general rule of thumb, corporate housing is an ideal option for any traveler who plans to stay in lodging for at least 14 days. It is also an excellent housing option for business travelers who are on the road frequently. With this type of housing, traveling employees can truly feel as though they never left home, which means they are more likely to stay productive, healthy, and in good spirits while they are temporarily away from their homes.