Reddy Kancharla Provides a Brief Insight On Maintaining Quality Standards In Construction

Construction has always been an extremely crucial industry, and has a major impact on the overall socioeconomic development of any country. In many ways, certain construction projects can be considered to be a base on which discerning other industries develop and grow. For example, one needs to construct the physical facilities required for goods production, to ensure that a manufacturing plant is able to function. Reddy Kancharla highlights the extreme importance of construction work in the society, and points out that optimal quality standard have to be maintained in every construction project to effectively support all the other industries and domains impacted by it. Mr. Kancharla himself is a construction professional, who has been associated with construction quality assurance and control for a long period of time.

All construction projects need a certain level of stability, soundness, and durability. Only by taking care of the quality aspect of construction, one can ensure that its ultimate outcome meets the needed standards. Reddy Kancharla mentions that modern construction materials ideally tends to be of much more superior quality than their traditional counterparts, and aids in the development of robust projects. Many modern construction projects are completed with the help of selected technologies, which helps also helps in maintaining their high standards. Over the years, an improved understanding of structural analysis has been observed among construction professionals, which are backed up by design technology.

Reddy Kancharla points out that quality in the construction industry also includes the aspects of meeting and even exceeding the requirements of the owners or the clients, in addition to simply creating durable structures. For the purpose of maintaining quality, engineers should ideally put greater focus on abiding by the specifications mentioned in their contract, ensure that the features of the project perform its intended purpose, fulfill the requirements within the budget of their clients and see to it that it is completed within the prescribed deadline.

Reddy Kancharla points out that the quality of any construction project is determined by three elements, its characteristics, design and conformance. Quality of characteristics involves the parameters based on which the entire quality control process of a structure is judged, such as its dimension, height, strength, colors, and so on. On the other hand, quality of design refers to the approach used to design the project in a manner that it is able to impeccably meet the quality standards, and serve its intended purpose. Quality of conformance is based on the degree to which the constructed establishment confirms to the design and specifications desired by the clients. This factor is impacted by the field construction methodology, and also the discerning technologies and techniques used in the construction process.

Quality control and quality assurance procedures are needed for all construction projects, especially if they are major in scale. The aid of specialized professionals should be sought out to complete such tasks.